Episode 10: Adapt, Pivot, and Change

Posted by Nickole Pimlott on

Change, we all have to go through it. Do you struggle with change?

I feel like my entire life I have had to make changes. The first one was when I had to move from my hometown on Vancouver Island at the end of grade 9. We ended up in Alberta and I started high school with no one I knew. I don't talk about that in this episode, mostly because it didn't come to me when I was recording. However, I have made a lot of life changes and restarted a few times in my twenties and early thirties and I talk about that in this episode. 

Change is easy for me now because I have earned to get out of my comfort zone so much more then i used to be able to. I have a lot of water in my natal chart so the fact I don't stay long in one place isn't so surprising. Tune in and hear more about my story. Restart after restart, failed relationship after failed relationship, drinking, drugs, and cancer. 

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