Episode 5: Supernatural

Episode 5: Supernatural

So my spiritual path started at a young age but got way more serious in my 30’s. When I was a kid I was always super interested in the occult or “new age” stuff. I didn’t know any adults who were into any of this stuff so I'm not really sure where my interest originated from. I have always just been a believer in other worldly things. I loved witches, I loved Sabrina the teenage witch and would wish or pretend to make magic happen. When I was really young, I remember some friends and I made a Ouija board out of a pizza box. We got rid of it and one of them swore it just appeared again out of the garbage and that weird stuff was happening but my intuition even at that age was telling me they were making it up and trying to scare us. I remember we played this weird twisted game we called joker and would spin around and fall to the ground and pretend to be possessed. I believe this was the time on one of them soap operas where Marlana was being possessed on day time t.v. and the movie the craft came out. It made dark magic and stuff interesting and in retrospect with what I know and believe now we were probably playing with fire and if you are using a Ouija board, stop, just stop. I believe they are bad and if you really don’t understand them or what you are doing they can bring in things that are not good. That’s my belief anyway. I don’t practice anything with dark magic or dark intentions. I choose team light a long time ago, my jam is more of a holistic approach, manifesting, personal growth.

I remember being in my bedroom one night and I was still living on Vancouver island, we moved to Alberta when I was 15 and I was a few years younger then that. Anyway, I was laying in bed, I used to pretend I was sick in a hospital or playing some imagination thing before I fell asleep, I was and still am a big daydreamer. I remember one night just laying there thinking and all the sudden I felt a heavy presence at the end of my bed. This was around the time my great grandmother passed so I was probably 11 or 12. And I just felt a sense of ease and like she was there. I knew spirit was there but if it was her or not, I am not sure but in my heart that’s what it felt like. I oved visiting her at her little retirement cottage with my mom and sister. She always had those Danish cookies and we would pick cherries out by her place. I still feel like I can smell her. I see her in my minds eyes. Her small stature, short curly white hair, glasses and the night dressed or moo-moos I guess you would call them and her smile. One of my favorite pictures is of my mom, grandma, great grandma and me, 4 generations. My great grandma, mom and me all share the same middle name as well, May.

We lived in a double wide trailer I guess you would call it. It was nice and we had a great big yard as kids and all the creeks and trees you could ask for to play in and we live just a short walk away from the ocean, but there was one bedroom my sister and I would often switch each other and we both had weird experiences in there. I remember laying there cause we often went to bed early and id be there playing in my imagination and I could al the sudden hear a faint sound of music but there was no music playing in the house or outside and then I heard my name being whispered a few times. I looked around and of course I got frightened and then I hid under the blankets and I wouldn’t come out. I realize now because I never talked about these experiences or when I did no one really paid any mind to it, that I think I suppressed certain things with my intuition

I have always had good intuition since I young, about people and situations. I ignored this gift a lot and really had to work at making it strong and learning to trust myself. Deja vu has been a think for me or premonitions about my own life. I will be in a situation and know I've been here before and realize it was ad ream I've had or something I've seen while I was consumed with daydreaming when I was younger, or now you would call it meditating. I remember my dad saying to me one time, “think Nickole, use you mind.” So I would just sit quietly outside on the grass and think.

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