Episode 6: My 1 Year Experiment

Episode 6: My 1 Year Experiment


So last week I participated in a magnetize your business workshop held by manifestation babe and I just got super inspired and I have officially become obsessed with her and what she is about. So first of all I took her little quiz about what kind of manifestor are you and this is what it said,

 I m going to share it because when I read it, it really hit home for me. The type of manifestor I am is what she calls a manifestation babe. It says the manifestation babe is the “natural” manifestor who doesn’t necessarily know that she is one. She has the secret sauce that’s invisible to her. Things always workout and always line up for her, and to this day whenever I want something bad enough it happens and I always just trust that everything always will work out because it just always has. Something falls through no worries because something else just as great takes its place.

It also says she has a way of always being in the right place at the right time. She grew up having a wild imagination.

In elementary school, she found herself constantly getting into trouble staring outside a window, instead of up front at the chalkboard. She would dream of alternate realities and ideal universe. (to this day I still do this, I daydream all the time. If I could figure out how to get those thoughts on paper I could probably write fiction. I am always creating stuff up in my head. I picture my wedding day, what my ideal future looks like, sometimes though I have imaginary fights in my head with people for literally no reason except that I am feeling some type of way about something).

And it says Sometimes she might even have prophetic dreams without realizing her visionary power. This ties into something I talked about in my last episode supernatural. Where I would dream about a situation forget about it and then all the sudden I'm in what I've seen before. Like Deja vu or those whoa wait I've seen this before. Like the one time I was working at a daycare and I looked at this little girl and bam a huge wave of I've been here came over me. It goes on say she always knew she would be successful. She’s always had this inner knowing that she was put on the planet for a bigger purpose and that life was her special gift.

This really hit for me because I have always felt like I was meant for more, that I was sent to earth with a purpose to do something big with my life but I just never knew what that was and I've always tried new things and keep my focus on climbing upward to success, and success can mean different things to different people, like for a few years success to me just meant being happy. To find true happiness within myself and my life, no financial success because I didn’t care about that because I always had enough and always made things work for me, but I want to add to that success and share what I have learned and show anyone who wants to listen that you can do this too. I don’t know I just have always  felt like I was meant to do something more then I am doing.

There was more in the results. Strength and weakness and everything but those things above I mentioned really stuck out me.

 So I took the 3 day workshop she was offering, it was free but so much awesome was packed into it and

The first video talked about self-limiting belief stores that we tell ourselves that hinder us from reaching the business or personal success that we truly what.

Things like, I'm not good enough, I don’t look like the other people doing this so no one will listen to me, one of the ones I hear about weight loss is I have tried everything and nothing works, (I've said that one myself a time or two). some of the ones I noticed over the past week that I was saying is that I cant afford to do the things for my business that I want,  once I have a certain amount of followers I can do my next thing and I cant compete within the in this same spiritual coaching type online business as these top dogs because I don’t look like them, because everyone I see it gorgeous first of all, thin, perfect teeth, fashionable and their pictures are all so clean and white and that’s just not me. I mean I like to look nice but lets face it right now I work in childcare and I'm a busy mom, I wear a lot of yoga pants, I like bright colors but I love black and white a lot and shine through the shadows isn’t about everything is awesome, or all live love laugh. There is no light without the dark. Yes having a positive mindset is so important because like attracts like. You cant have a positive life if you are always negative, but you still have to accept your darkness, your real truths, the not so pretty ones and feels that come up. You must honor those things for you to truly grow. They are part of us that help us learn. Those belief stories that I said above  are only true because I have been believing they are true.

I took the weekend and went camping with my amazing boyfriend who is so super supportive and caring, I really hit the jackpot with him. Actually, a while back when I was having no luck in the love department. I tried some dating sites and well I hated them. I really just wanted to meet some one organically. Those sites I don’t know, some of the guys, just not my thing.

At the time I was telling myself another belief  which was that I am only meeting creeps, old dudes or fuck boys.

There are no good men out there, again just a belief not a truth.

 So I wrote out a list of the perfect man for me. Things like, Tall, handsome, responsible, good work ethic, kind, emotionally available and supportive. he Can take care of himself, like someone I didn’t need to play “mom” to and feel like I had to nag to do everyday stuff that any normal adult should be able to do for themselves.

The list goes on and I nearly gave up on meeting someone. I got out of the driver seat and said you know what universe  its in your hands now. If I am meant to meet this perfect guy for me make it happen and if I am meant to be single longer then I will accept that because I love myself enough that I just was not willing to settle for anything less then I felt I was worth and to me I have a high price tag. I know my worth and I wanted someone who would love me the way I would love them and then one day I hired a girl at the place I was working at the time, we became friends, she started telling me about this guy and how nice he was and all this great stuff, I was kind of like ya ok, ill believe it when I see it. She said he had seen me from their truck when she dropped some stuff of for work at my house and he told her he thought I was beautiful. Al the things she was telling me was checking all the boxes but I still hadn’t met him, so she introduced me to her best friend Ian, we met a couple of times, actually the second time I met him we were camping and he sat beside me in my double camping chair and it was super weird because I just wanted to lean into him, I didn’t even know this guy. I met him for like 10 minutes the time before and to this day he still teases me about the chair thing.  We exchanged numbers and started texting each other, I'm not the kind to get attached to someone before I've spent time with them because been there done that and there ends up being no chemistry, so I was hesitant at first and so was he. We both had been hurt so many times, anyways we went on a few dates and we started to talk on the phone almost daily, we actually talk every night on the phone because we live a couple of hours away from each other, our communication skills are on point. First person I have ever been able to be my whole hearted weird self and a short while later we were in a committed relationship, and I am telling you he is the most amazing man for me.

He is helpful, kind, compassionate, giving, responsible, he doesn’t smoke, do drugs and hardly drinks, which were big things on my list. I didn’t want anything to do with the party life anymore. I wrote that list a while before I met Ian but he came into my life at the best time for me. A year after I battled cancer, a better version of myself. The month actually that we started being an official couple was the month I had major surgery on the inside of my face where they fixed the damage from the cancer, which included a nice slice on the neck and a foot long scar on my right quadriceps and a Puffy and swollen face and  he still thought I was the most beautiful person and I am so grateful that I am so stubborn and kept my promise to myself and didn’t settle for less because I have the best guy.

I have come to realize that manifesting and creating your best life and dreams isn’t an over night thing and something manifestation babe said was the difference from the people who succeed and the people who don’t is the people who don’t quit, gave up before the magic could happen for them.

Now I hope you join me on my 1 year experiment journey where I am dedicated to giving up all self-doubt and just believing and trusting my success is inevitable, and I am always on the right path.

During this time, I have written my intentions for myself and my business and I promise myself and all of you that even when I feel like quitting, I will not. I will keep pushing forward to create the life of my dreams because I deserve it and so do. During this time, I will be sharing my journey, the success, the roadblocks, all of it. Something I always say is every step forward counts, even baby steps.

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